June 30, 2015 | Tuesday


Good4orm is GREEN! Yes, that's right... sending ECARDS is a GOOD way to save the environment! And, it's one of our favorite colors to boot. Obviously.
  • because, you have some taste and a clue and want to send a simple sentiment to say something nice...or not.
  • because, it's called etiquette.
  • because, it's old school...and sending a card can get you a promotion, a smile, out of the doghouse or any other undesirable place, or even a lil' sumthing sumthin.
  • because, your status with the ladies or gents will increase exponentially.
  • because, sometimes it takes more than just "saying" sorry... what about sending sorry?
  • because, your mom would approve.
  • because, HONESTLY... these cards are just cool.